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Possible Duplicate:
Test iOS app on device without apple developer program or jailbreak

I need to build an app on my iPhone, and need to download a profile, do I absolutely have to pay the 99$ membership? even if I am not ready to deploy to the app store?

So I am still fiddling with the app, not ready for production, I still have to pay the 99$?

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Yes. 9876543210 – Almo Jan 9 '13 at 22:12
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It is required that you have a paid membership to the iOS Developer Program (Any type) to run an application on your device, or to submit to the App Store.

See Apple's Developer Program page for more details.

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Yes, Apple will not give out provisioning profiles to anyone who isn't registered with the Apple Developer program. In fact, the process to create/retrieve a provisioning profile is done through Apple's online Developer program website.


This is a long-shot for sure, but if you were looking to simply get the app onto your device, you theoretically ask a friend or colleague who is registered with the program to add your XCode project to their computer, add a provisioning profile for your device, and then download the app to your device. But again, that would require for at least someone to have paid for the Apple Developer Program.

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