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I need to compare 2 strings that contains number and possibly text. for example I have this table:

id | label 1  |  label 2 | 
1  |  12/H    |     1    |
2  |   4/A    |    41/D  |
3  |  13/A    |     3/F  |
4  |   8/A    |     8/B  |

I need to determine the direction so that if Label 1 < Label2 then Direction is W (with) else it is A (against). So I have to build a view that presents data this way:

id | Direction  
1  |     A    |   
2  |     W    |
3  |     A    |
4  |     W    |

I'm using postgres 9.2.

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   SELECT id
         ,split_part(label1, '/', 1)::int AS l1_nr
         ,split_part(label1, '/', 2)      AS l1_txt
         ,split_part(label2, '/', 1)::int AS l2_nr
         ,split_part(label2, '/', 2)      AS l2_txt
   FROM t
      ,CASE WHEN (l1_nr, l1_txt) < (l2_nr, l2_txt)
       THEN 'W' ELSE 'A' END AS direction
FROM   x;

I split the two parts with split_part() and check with an ad-hoc row type to check which label is bigger.

The cases where both labels are equal or where either one is NULL have not been defined.

The CTE is not necessary, it's just to make it easier to read.

-> sqlfiddle

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To get the A and W, change the 2nd to last line SELECT id, case when (l1_nr, l1_txt) < (l2_nr, l2_txt) then 'W' else 'A' end AS direction –  Gary Jan 9 '13 at 22:47
@Gary: Right, I added that, too. –  Erwin Brandstetter Jan 9 '13 at 22:52
thank you all ! –  user1944934 Jan 9 '13 at 23:39

You can try something like:

SELECT id, CASE WHEN regexp_replace(label_1,'[^0-9]','','g')::numeric <
                THEN 'W'
                ELSE 'A'
FROM table1

regexp_replace deletes all non numeric characters from the string ::numeric converts the string to numeric.

Details here: regexp_replace, pattern matching, CASE WHEN

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