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How to send one udp packet multiple time in scapy ? I need to send,an valid udp packet more than one times. Is there any specific method or function in scapy ?

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sendp(XXXX, iface=eth0, inter=1 , count=x )

here you go

XXXX is your ipv4/6 packet you need to build...

then you need to fill an intreger for how many times you want to send it....

maybe you want to also check this website


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thanks a lot ebeng. –  ms.flo Feb 8 '13 at 11:32

You can do in a normal loop. Created the valid UDP packet and then put the sending function in a simple loop as follows:

for packet in range(No. of time you want to send the packet):
      send(Your UDP packet)

Hope that helps

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This is very slow; use sendp() (as suggested above) to get a reasonable rate. –  Symmetric Mar 8 '14 at 1:36
@Symmetric How can I send packet one by one and in a fast speed using scapy? I need to modify every packet and send it out, problem is that send(packet) takes a long time. Do you know that there is a solution? –  lowitty Feb 9 at 9:18

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