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I'm trying to make a web request to a site I wrote which requires the client to provide certificates to authenticate.

Specifically, I'm trying to write a C# (or Visual C++) application that can make a web request, but use the certificate and private key on my HSM.

I realize there's one similar question here, but it hasn't received the answer I need.

I can already:

  • P/Invoke my native pkcs#11 library (a DLL), login, find/create objects on the HSM
  • Using the pkcs#11 interface I can read find the X509 certificate on the HSM

I cannot:

  • Export the Private Key from the HSM. It is not exportable.

So what I need is a way to make a Web Request from my application and say, "For the handshake, use the X509 and Private Key objects on my HSM."

Please don't suggest that I "check out" things like NCryptoki, Bouncy Castle, etc- I can already use them to make my Windows app. communicate with the HSM. What I need is how I can I make the Windows app. make a web request under the context of the credentials on the HSM.

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