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I need to get a list of files added to a master folder and copy only the new files to the respective backup folders; The paths to each folder have multiple folders, all named by numbers and only 1 level deep.

ie /tester/a/100
   /tester/a/101 ...

diff -r returns typically "Only in /testing/a/101: 2093_thumb.png" per line in the diff.txt file generated.

NOTE: there is a space after the colon 

I need to get the 101 from the path and filename into separate variables and copy them to the backup folders.

I need to get the lesserfolder var to get 101 without the colon and mainfile var to get 2093_thumb.png from each line of the diff.txt and do the for loop but I can't seem to get the $file to behave. Each time I try testing to echo the variables I get all the wrong results.

 bacfolder= /testing/b

 diff -r $mainfolder $bacfolder > $diff_file
 LIST=`cat $diff_file`

 for file in $LIST
    # cp $mainfolder/$lesserFolder/$mainfile $bacfolder/$lesserFolder/$mainfile
    echo $maindir $mainfile $lesserfolder

If I could just get the echo statement working the cp would work then too.

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What's wrong with rsync? – cmbuckley Jan 9 '13 at 23:16

I believe this is what you want:

bacfolder= /testing/b

diff -r -q $mainfolder $bacfolder | egrep "^Only in ${mainfolder}" | awk '{print $3,$4}' > $diff_file

cat ${diff_file} | while read foldercolon mainfile ; do
  cp $mainfolder/$lesserFolder/$mainfile $bacfolder/$lesserFolder/$mainfile

But it is much more reliable (and much easier!) to use rsync for this kind of backup. For example:

rsync -a /testing/a/* /testing/b/
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THANKS ALL -- turns out rsync works best – user1213320 Jan 10 '13 at 6:05
You're welcome. Now, unless there's something missing in the answer, could you accept it, please? Thank you. – igorrs Jan 10 '13 at 6:56

You could try a while read loop

diff -r $mainfolder $bacfolder | while read dummy dummy dir file; do
    echo $dir $file
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