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Is there a way I can provide the signed key to the builder and let the app build and install onto my device using the signed key directly? or I have to export the app manually and choose the key, enter the password, and then install it on my device manually?

So simply the question is: is there a way to use signed key while building app in eclipse (Which automatically installs it on device)?

Please notice: I'm not asking asking about how to debug it, I just need to run it directly from eclipse to device with signed key.

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I have never done it but according to the docs you can. You have to configure it to run that way by giving it a path to the keystore and the password. But it looks like once you get it set up then it will be easy and do what you need.

Run in release mode

Here is also a SO post about it.

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Well my problem is in the setup, I can't get it to work, and the other question isn't solved too. –  Shehabix Jan 9 '13 at 23:23

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