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I have a drawable which i want to display. I want it to fit the screen horizontally, and to be scrollable vertically (when its height is bigger than the screen), while keeping it scaled.

I'm putting the drawable into a ImageView. The drawable is changeable (pictures of different heights and widths). I could scale every drawable to fit to the width of the screen, but when I do the drawable's higher than the screen will get cut of at the top, and i get a black bar at the bottom of my ScrollView.

I've tried every combination of ScrollView and ImageView I could think of, but the Image is either stretched or part of it falls out. Any help is much appreciated!

My current code:

    android:layout_gravity="center" >

        android:scaleType="center" />

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But I am not sure this is able to make image bigger than parent height. If this don't help I try to find in my archive working solution.

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may be the scale type should be centerCrop instead of centerInside .Look into… – Preethi Jan 9 '13 at 23:51

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