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I know I can assign hosts with fabric by doing this:

env.hosts = ['host1', 'host2']

But can I do this?

myList = ['host1', 'host2']
env.hosts = myList

I am getting a list of 'public_dns_name's using Boto (from Amazon AWS) and then want to run commands on those servers. The server list can be dynamic so I need to be able to assign the hosts environment variable rather than statically. Can anyone suggest a solution?

myHosts = []
for i in myInstances:
    publicDnsAddress = i.public_dns_name
    print ("public dns address: " + publicDnsAddress)

print ("myHosts = " + str(myHosts))        


I get this error:

No hosts found. Please specify (single) host string for connection: 

If the host names were bad I would expect at least a connection error rather than a message saying it could find no hosts. Granted I may be calling this thing wrong but then again, that is why I am asking for help.

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Have you tried it? Did it not work? –  girasquid Jan 9 '13 at 23:29
No, I am seeing the expected hosts when I print myHosts. –  BillR Jan 10 '13 at 0:00

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When dynamically setting hosts within the code, I've needed to use this with settings pattern:

user = 'root'
hosts = ['server1', 'server2']

for host in hosts:
    with settings(user=user, host_string=host):
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