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Mercury Editor

I already excluded mercury.js from application.js changing require_tree . to require_directory . and moving mercury.js to a subfolder called mercury inside assets/javascripts.

So everything else on my app is working great and is not loading anything of mercury.

Now on layouts/mercury.html.erb

    <%= stylesheet_link_tag    'mercury/mercury' %>
    <%= javascript_include_tag 'jquery-1.7', 'mercury/mercury' %>


    <script type="text/javascript">
          // Set to the url that you want to save any given page to, leave null for default handling.
          var saveUrl = null;

          // Instantiate the PageEditor
          new Mercury.PageEditor(saveUrl, {
            saveStyle:  'form', // 'form', or 'json' (default json)
            saveMethod: null, // 'PUT', or 'POST', (create, vs. update -- default PUT)
            visible:    true  // boolean - if the interface should start visible or not

But when the editor loads I get this error:

TypeError: 'undefined' is not a constructor (evaluating 'new Mercury.PageEditor')

Is is something with the subfolder?

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I'm pretty sure that this is due to the mercury library hogging the 'mercury' path.

If you rake routes you'll see this

Routes for Mercury::Engine:
mercury_editor  /editor(/*requested_uri)(.:format)        mercury#edit
                /mercury/:type/:resource(.:format)        mercury#resource
                /mercury/snippets/:name/options(.:format) mercury#snippet_options
                /mercury/snippets/:name/preview(.:format) mercury#snippet_preview

It's kind of confusing because the file you get when you request yourhost://assets/mercury/mercury.js is the mercury library file. if you name the folder 'mercury_assets' or really anything other than 'mercury' it will work.

i wouldn't mess around with trying to change the routes unless you were sure mercury could find the necessary libraries.

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