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I am installing some new software. It contains several libraries in a "Lib" directory. If I ls Lib from another directory, I get the usual list of files. I can issue dir and file commands and get reasonable results too. I can even copy files out of this directory to other directories. But if I cd to "Lib", it appears that any linux command I give returns a seg fault. I can't run ls, file, or dir in that directory. I can't even run date there without a seg fault. Much obliged if anyone can help me clear up this mystery.

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Probably your LD_LIBRARY_PATH includes a dot / . and that Lib directory contains standard libraries like libc, so what ever command you issue, system picks a library from that path and something goes wrong.

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Dang! Not bad! Adding "." to LD_LIBRARY_PATH was part of the installation instructions and, yes, Lib does have a libc. Thanks! –  bob.sacamento Jan 10 '13 at 23:18

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