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How can I satisfy a Composer platform package dependency with an alternative path? I have a package that depends on php >=5.4, but my stock PHP is 5.3 and I have a separately maintained PHP 5.4 installation under the executable name of php54. Any way to make Composer aware of it?

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You can run composer through your php54 executable. Either call it explicitly php54 composer.phar ... but that is painful if you have composer installed globally. In that case you're probably better off doing a shell script called composer that will call the phar file with php54 or register a bash alias for it.

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Interesting workaround for this particular case. I actually solved it by symlinking my PHP 5.4 to a location higher up in my PATH, effectively making my default PHP 5.4, which makes sense since I need it for development anyway. Thanks! – deceze Jan 12 '13 at 11:39

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