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Following code is returning null statuses.

FB.api("/me/statuses", function(response){
                var statuses = $.parseJSON(response.data[0]);

But response object look like:

Object {data: Array[25], paging: Object}
data: Array[25]
0: Object
1: Object
2: Object
3: Object
4: Object
5: Object
6: Object
7: Object
8: Object
9: Object
10: Object
11: Object
12: Object
13: Object
14: Object
15: Object
16: Object
17: Object
18: Object
19: Object
20: Object
21: Object
22: Object
23: Object
24: Object
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The response is not a JSON string. Facebook SDK already parsed that to an Object.

So you can use response.data without any parsing.


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