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I would like to find the location of a character in a string.

Say: string = "the2quickbrownfoxeswere2tired"

I would like the function to return 4 and 24 -- the character location of the 2s in string.

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Why use a regex? Doesn't r has an .indexOf() or something? –  fge Jan 10 '13 at 1:44
I doubt it. The developers were Nixers and assumed everyone knew regex. R's string handling is kind of kludgy. –  BondedDust Jan 10 '13 at 2:48

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You can use gregexpr

 gregexpr(pattern ='2',"the2quickbrownfoxeswere2tired")

[1]  4 24
[1] 1 1
[1] TRUE

or perhaps string_locate_all from stringr which is a wrapper for gregexpr

str_locate_all(pattern ='2',"the2quickbrownfoxeswere2tired")

     start end
[1,]     4   4
[2,]    24  24

If you really didn't want to use regex then

something like

lapply(strsplit(x, ''), function(x) which(x == '2'))

should work (given a character vector x)

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Here's another straightforward alternative.

> which(strsplit(string, "")[[1]]=="2")
[1]  4 24
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