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I have a viewModel which consists of a class and an Observable collection

class MyViewModel
    public string SomeName {set; get;};
    public ObservableCollection<ItemName> ItemNames {set; get;}

In the Page i am setting the DataContext of the page itself to this object i.e.

MyViewModel myModel = new MyViewModel("111");
this.DataContext = myModel;

Then i have a ListView in the page design which references to the datacontext, and i can get the value from it using the ItemSource property

ItemsSource="{Binding Path=ItemNames}">

However, within this ListView, how do i access the "SomeName" Property?

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A ListView needs definition for columns. Each column can be bound to a different property.

In your case:

ItemsSource="{Binding Path=ItemNames}">
            <GridViewColumn Header="The Name" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding SomeName}" />
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That explains it for xaml, however GridViewColumn is not accessible for winRT, and the way i solved it was to set the Text property to 'Text="{Binding Source={Binding}, Path=SomeName}"' – Looneystar Jan 18 '13 at 0:28
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I am using WinRT, and the way I found it to work was by setting the source to 'Binding' and then give the Path to the Object

Text="{Binding Source={Binding}, Path=SomeName}"
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