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I am attempting to consume an Axis service which was built in Java using JavaScript.

Everything is fine except for one searching operation that asks for an apachesoap:Map type. Here is the WSDL section for the operation:

<wsdl:message name="queryRequest">
   <wsdl:part name="collection" type="xsd:string"/>
   <wsdl:part name="service"type="xsd:string"/>
   <wsdl:part name="lang" type="xsd:string"/>
   <wsdl:part name="nameToValsMap" type="apachesoap:Map"/>

Is there any way I can pass data in such a type using JavaScript?

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apachesoap:Map is a complex type (an element) as opposed to xsd:string which is a value.

If I'm not mistaken apachesoap refers to the http://xml.apache.org/xml-soap namespace. You are probably calling some legacy SOAP web service that exposes a java.util.Map directly (very bad for interoperability if I'm not mistaken).

The WSDL <types> should contain the definition for the complex type apachesoap:Map and should look something like this in the message (the WSDL should tell you the exact form):

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