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I have declared an UDT and I need to initialise an array with specific records of the UDT, how would I do it at the module level.

Here is what I've tried

Public Type MyType
    id     As Integer
    name   As String
    values As Double
End Type

private MY_TYPES(1) As MyType
My_TYPES(0) = newMyType(1, "Item 1", 15.9)
My_TYPES(1) = newMyType(2, "Item 2", 30.2)

Private Function newMyType(byval id as Integer, byval name as String, _ 
                           byval v as Double) As MyType
    Dim t As MyType
    t.id = id
    t.name = name
    t.value = v
    newMyType = t
End Function

The error I get is Invalid outside procedure

As you can see it I try to reproduce what would be static initialization of a java Collection like a List or Set

I would like to expose the collection as constant, how could I achive this?

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The two lines where you assign to the My_TYPES array cannot be written outside of a procedure. They must be inside a function/sub/property like your newMyType function. – Kelly Ethridge Jan 10 '13 at 8:14

you have to place the following 2 lines in a sub, and then call the sub to init the udt

My_TYPES(0) = newMyType(1, "Item 1", 15.9)
My_TYPES(1) = newMyType(2, "Item 2", 30.2)

or you can can place these 2 lines in the working sub inside an if..then with a module level init boolean

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+1. If your module is a class, you can put the lines in class_initialize so that they are run automatically. You will need to manage the initialise yourself if they are in a BAS module – MarkJ Jan 10 '13 at 15:39

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