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I am trying to install git 1.8.1 on a RHEL 5 system, and I am having a ton of difficulty dealing with the documentation portion of the build. Namely, asciidoc. There are problems with the Docbook being really outdated on RHEL5.

So, I would like the use the make quick-install-doc, make quick-install-man and make quick-install-html commands that are specified in the installation readme file. However, I have absolutely no clue where to actually download the files to make this happen. According to the readme:

To use these build targets, you need to clone two separate git-htmldocs and git-manpages repositories next to the clone of git itself.

Where exactly are the "git-htmldocs" and "git-manpages" located?

EDIT: I think I found the location of where to get it.

This git url is for the man pages: git://

This git url is for the html pages: git://

I also found them at this Google Code site:

Now... How do I install them? I don't understand what it means when it says: "next to the clone of git itself". Does this mean in the git source directory, or directly outside of it?

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this should help you… without recompiling – mvp Jan 10 '13 at 3:56
I can't use EPEL. (It's a long story...) – Phanto Jan 10 '13 at 4:02
can't you download just git epel rpms directly and install them using rpm? – mvp Jan 10 '13 at 4:06
I would like to use the latest version. I am able to build the binaries OK, I just need the docs. The one in EPEL is a bit older. – Phanto Jan 10 '13 at 4:07
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I figured it out! These are the instructions for doing it on RHEL 5 for the version 1.8.1:

What you need to do is first build and install git using the commands:

$ make prefix=/usr all
$ sudo make prefix=/usr install

Once that is installed and done, you then need to cd outside of the git source code directory, and clone the docs:

$ cd ../
$ git clone git://
$ git clone git://

Next, you then need to navigate back into the git source code directory, and run the commands:

$ sudo make prefix=/usr quick-install-doc
$ sudo make prefix=/usr quick-install-html

Doing this installed the man pages, and the html page documentation!

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This didn't work for me, but after cloning the repository I just checked out the right version (see git log) and ran sudo cp -r * /usr/local/share/man/ – dwurf Dec 8 '14 at 6:26

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