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I'm looking to write a program where I enter my hours worked from my roster into an 'excel like' interface and once I'm finished and have ticked the relevant boxes, my program creates a 'pay slip' which will be comparable to a real one.

The interface development is all I'm concerned about here. I am familiar with some c, c++ and java. All of which were used through the console, although a little interface using java.

I'd prefer the program to be native to windows. I'm having trouble finding where to start on this. I looked into QT and Microsoft visual for the interface but I don't want to head in the wrong direction.

I'm also wondering what would be the best language, I'm not afraid of using something like c#? but a list of tutorials would be good. C and c++ seem pretty complicated for pure interface design but I want native to windows, preferably and drag and drop isn't a problem either.

This is a personal thing. Not criteria really.

Any links or book recommendations would be great.

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winprog.org/tutorial and google. –  Ben Jan 10 '13 at 4:26
Personally, despite being a C++ programmer, I'd do it in PHP and put it on the web somewhere. Sometimes it's easier to knock something up in PHP than it is to waste your hours away in Win32 or MFC. –  paddy Jan 10 '13 at 4:34

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I'd use C# for it. Visual Studio has a great GUI-designer with drag&drop. This way you can look into what is going on behind the scenes without an exhausting tutorial. You should keep an eye on events (button clicks etc). BTW, lambdas are a great tool for working with .NET events. Java would be an option if you want to use it on almost every platform, but don't forget about Mono.

And please don't start out with C/C++'s GUI-development with Win32. It's a real pain to learn and use.

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