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I started to learn Liferay themes.
I see many themes but each with a horizontal menu like in Classic Theme.
But I want a vertical menu. Is it possible using bootstrap to do it?
Or Liferay can use only horizontal menu?
If its possible where can I read about this?

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Liferay themes are defined using velocity or freemarker template.
You can defined vertical menu in your page by modifying these templates.
You can take a look at navigation.vm (of unstyled-theme) which contains the html code to show the page-navigation menu.

Also you can take a look at the portal_normal.vm which actually includes the navigation.vm and all the other CSS and JS files which would be necessary.

By default liferay uses horizontal navigation but with adequate changes in the CSS through themes you can achieve Vertical menu.

Other option is:

  1. Create a Theme without menu on top
  2. Create a page with a side column.
  3. Adding "navigation portlet" on your column
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