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I was checking this code from html5rocks: http://www.html5rocks.com/static/demos/parallax/demo-1a/scripts/parallax.js

And notice that they use

(function(win, d) {

  var $ = d.querySelector.bind(d);


  var mainBG = $('section#content');


})(window, document);

Why they bind the document to the querySelector. Isn't it already scoped to the document?

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No, the function is not bound to a specific document (there may be other ones, not just window.document). Try it without, and you will get an WRONG_THIS_ERR exception - you will need to apply it on an object that implements the Document interface.

Also have a look on MDN's introduction to the this keyword on how the thisVal("context") of a function call is determined.

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Thank you. Let's assume we are not in "strict mode", in a browser, and we create a function: function a() { console.log(this); } if we call a(); the console print window. But it is like javascript prepend this. behind the scene this.a(); and this is the window context. For the same reason if we create a new object var o = {}; and we assign the a method o.a = a; and we run o.a(); the console print the o object. I know it might not be the proper explanation, but this "context" in javascript sometime is driving me nuts. –  Fabrizio Giordano Jan 10 '13 at 6:14

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