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I am trying for Session Timeout Handling for my application for every 30 minutes. My specification: That I have to redirect to a login page when fails in login after user session is invalid.

User is redirected to logout action after timeout to invalidate the session.

I am new to prime faces and I have tried this but no use:

    <session-timeout> 1 </session-timeout>

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Finally got the solution I am using p:idleMonitor here. It will take care internally

<p:idleMonitor timeout="#{login.sessionTimeoutInterval}">
        <p:ajax event="idle" listener="#{login.sessionIdleListener}" /> 

    <p:confirmDialog  closable="false" id="sessionExpiredDlg" 
                      message="Your session expired."  
                     severity="alert" widgetVar="sessionExpiredConfirmation" style="z-index: 25000">  

   <p:commandButton id="confirmRouteDel" value="Ok"

Java Method:

public void sessionIdleListener() {
        RequestContext context = RequestContext.getCurrentInstance();

Take a look at this once.


It have two examples in it.

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You can use java script for achieving this issue. You can set a timer and when the time is up redirect user to the logout. The java script code is placed in .xhtml document but if you use a .js file you can paste the code in it.

Important code lines and explanations


     if (document.getElementById('loggedInUserId') == null) {

With this code line we check the logged user info in rendered xhtml. So we sure that user logged in and ready for count down.


    <p:ajaxStatus onstart="statusDialog.show();" onsuccess="statusDialog.hide();countDownInit();" />

With this code line we restart count down again with any ajax request. Becouse in each server request the server side session time is restarted.


    if(0 > minute) {

At the end of the count down, we redirect current page to the exit page.


    <p:commandButton value="Yes" process="@this" update="@none" oncomplete="additionalTimeDialog.hide();" />
    <p:commandButton value="No" type="button" onclick="exit();" />

If the user clicks yes button to get extra time we send an ajax request using command button and close the additional time dialog. So with this request server side session time will be restarted.

If the user clicks no button, we simply redirect user to the exit page (loggedout.xhtml).

A complete implementation is here.

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a complete implementation is here –  echo Mar 22 at 11:05
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