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This is the situation:

I have a popup box to select one of the item listed(click the showParentAssetSearchButton) . Once selected the value of the selected item will be display in the main screen. In the main screen, there will be a button to clear up the item that selected. It will trigger an ajax action to the managed bean to clear the binding value(via click clearParentAssetButton).

When i do debugging, the value is clear and will not show in the main screen. However when i click on the save button, i notice that the property that should be empty is not actually empty. It still keep the value.

Following is the snippet UI code:

<h:panelGroup id="myregion">
    <p:inputText id="parentAsset" 
                 rendered="#{not empty assetMasterCreatePage.parentAsset}"/>
<p:commandButton icon="ui-icon-search" 
                 onclick="parentAssetDlg.show()" />
<p:commandButton icon="ui-icon-trash" 
                 update="clearParentAssetButton, myregion"
                 disabled="#{empty assetMasterCreatePage.parentAsset}" />
 <p:commandButton value="#{msg.button_save}" icon="ui-icon-disk" 
                  action="#{assetMasterCreatePage.doSaveAsset}" />

This is the managed bean snippet

public class AssetMasterCreatePage extends DefaultAssetMasterPage {
      private AssetMaster assetMaster;
      private AssetMaster parentAsset;

  public void doResetParentAsset(){
     parentAsset = null;
  public String doSaveAssetMaster(){
    return "save";


As you can see, when the button of the clearParentAssetButton is click, it will trigger ajax action #{assetMasterCreatePage.doResetParentAsset} to reset the value of the parentAsset. The issue here is when saving, the parentAsset which already should be null is not null.

I am using JSF 2 to perform the tasks.

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Strange, is there any other fields which hold the value of parentAsset, I mean's in the page, have some fields like <h:inputText value="parentAsset.shortName"/>, when you click the save button, a new parentAsset is initialized and saved, and also you can debug it and see the parentAsset's hash code to make sure whether the same one.

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This is not an answer. – kolossus Jan 12 '13 at 5:38
there is only 1 field keep it and the hashcode is the same – user1954752 Jan 14 '13 at 8:36

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