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I want to make a sample which has all layouts (eg: grid layout,flow layout....) in windows 8. how to make this?i know only about grid layout.i don't know remaining. please help me. How many types of layouts we have in windows8? and how to make a sample using this.if we have any sample in the web plz give me the link..thank you

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I'd recommend looking at the Navigation design for Windows Store apps versus being concerned about getting a itemized list of layouts. You'll find a number of common approaches in the templates like Grid and Split (for hierarchical schemes) but those aren't the only options.

Understand the design guidance and user experience metaphors (lots of info on design.windows.com) and then you'll be fine. Get familiar with the features and functions of the layout controls, and let them do a lot of the work for you in terms of adapting to various resolutions and orientations.

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hai Jim thank you very much for your reply...The links are very helpful for me. –  Surya Chandra Jan 17 '13 at 6:44

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