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First off I'm quite new to objective-c and xcode in general, so it prop just a lack of fundamental knowledge.

But basically need to extend an UITableViewController onto an UIViewController or to but in another way i need an interface (header) that inherits the implementation from my UIViewController but is an UITableViewController

To achieve this I would have done something like this in C#:

@interface Keyboard_Field_Extensions_UIViewController : UIViewController 

@interface Keyboard_Field_Extensions_UITableViewController : Keyboard_Field_Extensions_UIViewController, UITableViewController

Is there any way around doing this in objective-c? Maybe using delegates? But how?

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Objective C doesn't have multiple inheritance, like C++ or C# UITableViewController doesn't need to be extended to UIViewController because it's ALREADY a UIViewController(extended by some methods for working with tableview)

It's inheritance chain -UITableViewController: UIViewController : UIResponder : NSObject

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It is? Awsome.. thnx alot.. knew it was a simpel lack of fundamental knowledge. –  Denchr Jan 10 '13 at 9:31
u are welcome=) –  alex Jan 10 '13 at 9:46

Well, there is no multiple inheritance within objective-c. Delegates or protocols respectively may be an option or extending an existing class without implementing a subclass. (quite unique to objective-C if I am not much mistaken)

However, in general it may not be a good idea to extend or subclass UITableView, although it can be done. You should describe a bit more in detail what you want to achieve on the UI. Then you may get much better suggestions than this general "you can use a protocol/delegate".

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