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Sometimes I see the following logcat output such as that below:

<3>[  283.152845] init: untracked pid 4217 exited
<3>[  283.162185] init: untracked pid 4078 exited
<3>[  283.173691] init: untracked pid 1504 exited
<3>[  283.177018] init: untracked pid 1468 exited

What is the meaning of the log of init: untracked pid xxxx exited?

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use logcat and read the huge log carefully. You might find the program that crashes all the time.

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This is cause of killing init process. So we might find the root-cause of killing init process. – spring79y Apr 9 '13 at 4:59

There may be many different reasons, one of them is that android init trying to initialize services specified by init.rc failed.

You can try to bisect the services started from init.rc first, and once you find the errornous service, then try to fix the specific service start up errors, which may be the kernel driver error, or android hal driver error, library fault, or sometimes android framework error.

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