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I have 2 SharePoint lists (Vendor and Bank Account) that related with 1 lookup column. Vendor list has lookup column to Bank Account list named "Account Name" and it is mandatory. The problem is when Bank Account list isn't contain any data, dropdown in lookup column on Vendor list will be empty (no choices available). On that condition, when I created new item, and saved it, "Account Name" is saved as blank, which is should not happened in mandatory field. What I want to achieve is when user create new item with empty "Account Name" caused by condition above, system will show validation error. The solution should be able to be deployed via SharePoint feature inside WSP file for deployment efficiency reason.

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In My opinion to solve this issue you have to make the Account Name filed in the target list as the Required filed. So when there is no data in that lookup filed and user hits save. The Required field validation fires and prompt for data.

Hope i understand right.


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Yes, account name in target list is already mandatory. The problem is not when there is data/item in target list (bank account) but blank account name, but the problem is when there is no data/item at all in target list so the lookup column in referencing list (vendor) has no choices in its dropdown. –  cahyo_pambudi Jan 11 '13 at 1:47

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