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I want to Show my custom icon in Windows Programs and Features. I have created a installer script through NSIS Below is my MUI userinterface settings

; MUI Settings
!define MUI_ICON ".\Include\Images\Icons\icon.ico"
!define MUI_UNICON ".\Include\Images\Icons\icon.ico"
!define MUI_HEADERIMAGE_BITMAP ".\Include\Images\Header\header.bmp"
!define MUI_HEADERIMAGE_UNBITMAP ".\Include\Images\Header\header.bmp" 
!define MUI_WELCOMEFINISHPAGE_BITMAP ".\Include\Images\Wizard\welcome.bmp"
!define MUI_UNWELCOMEFINISHPAGE_BITMAP ".\Include\Images\Wizard\welcome.bmp"
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The icon must be registered as part of the uninstall values, you need to add a DisplayIcon string value that points to your .exe or .ico in $InstDir.

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