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I need to set up default Home Action for res.user. Currently is Home Page but I want set my custom action. So, I tried create new record for Settings --> Configuration --> Configuration Parameters , but when I set field for Home Action in field Field and set type Many2One in field Type, field Value remains empty list. I can't choose my custom action for new users! Please, correct me if I'm doing something wrong. Is this a bug or normal behavior? Any other solution is welcome.


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I find another solution. When I click on button Create for res.users in right side bar, in section Customize action Set Default appears. Here you can choose default value which appears when Create button was pressed.


All these values you can see in

Settings --> Customization --> Low Level Objects --> Actions --> User-defined Defaults

Of course, here you can create new default values.

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just an additional note:you can also apply this user defined dafaults with many2many fields like taxes_id field in product model.

however there is a small bug, if you set a default value for many2many fields when you create a new record, many2many field is shown empty, when you save the record you will see it is well recorded with your default value, so if you want to make a record different than the default you have to first save than edit again.

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