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I want to make lazy initialization dataTable that load data when clicking over page number.

I make like this to load data on request, but the table render empty table at the beginning, when click on any other number, more than 10 record appear for all page numbers, and also this caption appear " Show 41 to Nan from NaN (filtered from NaN total entries)" on clicking on page numbers, of course the number 41 change according to the clicked page number.

        //get total record within db
        url: url+'getTotalInst',
        success: function(total){

            var oTable = $('#institutionsTable').dataTable( {
                "bJQueryUI": true,
                "sPaginationType": "full_numbers",
                "bProcessing": true,
                "bAutoWidth": false,

                "sAjaxSource": "control_panel/Institution_controller/getAllInstituions",

                "aoColumns": [
                        "mData": "institution_name"
                        "mData": "institution_type"
                        "mData": "address"
                    } ,
                        "sTitle": "Tasks",
                        "sDefaultContent":"",      // must be used to prevent "Requested unknown parameter" error                          
                        "fnRender": function(obj) {
                            var inst_id = obj.aData.inst_id;

                            var returnButton = '<span class="button-group">'+
                                '<a href=<?php echo base_url() ?>index.php/updateInst/'+inst_id+' class="optionButton icon edit">edit</a>'+
                                '<a href="#" class="optionButton icon remove danger">delete</a>'+
                            return returnButton;
                "fnRowCallback": function( nRow, aData, iDisplayIndex ) {

                    return nRow;

                //for defer rendering! but not work well
                "bDeferRender": true,
                "bServerSide": true,
                "iDeferLoading": total,
                "iDisplayLength" : 10

            } );



The Json return is huge but here is sample of it

 {"aaData":[{inst_id:79, institution_type:مراكز صحية, institution_name:مستشفى الشهيد كمال   عدوان,…},…],"iTotalRecords":71,"iTotalDisplayRecords":10}
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The "NaN" values indicate you are not returning the required data from your backend URL, you should return a data array containing ìTotalRecords, iTotalDisplayRecords and aaData. I would also recommend to wrap your $.ajax() in a $().ready(), otherwise $('#institutionsTable').dataTable({}) may try to bind to a DOM element not created yet. – SaschaM78 Jan 10 '13 at 9:50
The Nan problem is solved when I returned these values in json return to dataTable, but other problems still occurred. – palAlaa Jan 10 '13 at 10:15
Now it's showing 57 rows from 71 total rows at one page, and these occur not in the first refresh, no after I click on any page number, then all page numbers disappear and only one page number appear – palAlaa Jan 10 '13 at 10:22
Could you post the JSON response you got from your server? – SaschaM78 Jan 10 '13 at 10:40
I did, please check the edited section – palAlaa Jan 10 '13 at 11:27

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