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I have the entity defined below:

public class Foo : Entity<Foo.FooId>
    public class FooId
        public virtual String Bar { get; protected internal set; }
        public virtual Int32 Buzz { get; protected internal set; }

    // ...

And here's the base class:

public abstract class Entity<T> : IEquatable<Entity<T>>
    public virtual T Id { get; protected internal set; }

    // ...

I'm going to map the "Id" property as a "composite key", so I've added the following mapping class:

public class FooMap : ClassMapping<Foo>
    public FooMap()
        ComponentAsId(x => x.Id, m =>
            m.Property(p => p.Bar);
            m.Property(p => p.Buzz);

And that's all pretty nice, but I get an error with the following querying attempt:

       .Where(m => m.Id.Bar == "a" &&
                   m.Id.Buzz == 2).List();

The error I get is: NHibernate.QueryException : could not resolve property: Id of: Foo

It's quite strange, because by removing the base class and encapsulating everything within "Foo", it works like a charm. Thanks in advance.

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Did you try making the id setter public instead of protected internal? –  Stefan Steinegger Jan 10 '13 at 10:12
@Stefan Yep, and it doesn't solve my problem. –  NicolaBaldi Jan 10 '13 at 10:15
I just came across the same problem. Any luck solving it? –  Nathan Feb 8 '13 at 16:09

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This was a bug and reported as NH-3105. It is now fixed in the most recent of the source code and will be released as 3.3.3.GA.

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