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I'm using Networkx to build a dependency graph. For example I have this struct.



which I build easily with Networkx like that

G = nx.DiGraph()



(By the way I didn't know how I could set a root node so i have a root = set() where I have all my roots, in this case root=(A))

My question is how can I get the all hierarchy by specifying a node ? For example if I would do like:


It will give me

{A: {B: {C: {} }, H: {} } 

But at the moment if I Do


It only gives me

{H:{} , B:{} }

Which is correct but where is the rest??? Also If a Do G.successors[B] it returns me


Which is correct but why don't he put it in when I do G.successors[A] ?

And an other question. Is it possible with Networksx to get the "Path" from a node to another ? For example?

[A,H] or [A,B,C] 

Thank you

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print nx.dfs_successors(G,'A')

>> {A: [H,B], B:[C]}

I don't how to generate the structure you gave in example though..

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