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I want to add an index to a filename if the file already exists, so that I don't overwrite it.

Like if I have a file myfile.txt and same time myfile.txt exists in destination folder - I need to copy my file with name myfile_1.txt

And same time if I have a file myfile.txt, but destintation folder contains myfile.txt and myfile_1.txt - generated filename has to be myfile_2.txt

So the functionality is very similar to the creation of folders in Microsoft operating systems.

What's the best approach to do that?

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The best approaching is writing code that does this... Then if somethnig doesn't work as expected, posting a question... BTW How many files are there to check? (I mean in range of millions, or tens?) –  ppeterka Jan 10 '13 at 9:40
Take a look at java.io.File. UI could create loop that checks to see if each index exist or simple list the files that match the file name, sort it and grab the last index (or simply the count) –  MadProgrammer Jan 10 '13 at 9:43

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Untested Code:

File f = new File(filename);
String extension = "";
int g = 0;

while(f.exists()) {
  int i = f.lastIndexOf('.');
  if (i > 0) 
     { extension = fileName.substring(i+1); }

   f.renameTo(f.getPath() + "\" + (f.getName() + g) + "." + extension)    
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filenames don't necessarily have to include an extension. MyFile is a perfectly reasonable filename. –  dendini Apr 17 at 13:34

You might also benefit from using the apache commons-io library. It has some usefull file manipulation methods in class FileUtils and FilenameUtils.

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Try this link partly answers your query.


    DirectoryScanner scanner = new DirectoryScanner();
    scanner.setIncludes(new String[]{"**/myfile*.txt"});
    String[] files = scanner.getIncludedFiles();

once you have got the correct set of files, append a proper suffix to create a new file.

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