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I have written a short script that logs the time in a spreadsheet when I login to my computer but I cannot define the last row properly. If I was writing in VBA the below would execute fine but I receive an error when the VBScript is executed.

VBScript is taking Rows from Rows.Count as a variable so it throws an error because I have Option Explicit on. If i try and qualify it as .Rows.Count it thinks xlup is a variable.

Do I need to reference the Excel Object library in the VBScript or should I just be using a different syntax altogether to find the LR in VBScript?

Option Explicit

Dim xlapp
Dim oWB
Dim oWS
Dim LR

Set xlapp = CreateObject("excel.application")
Set oWB = xlapp.Workbooks.Open("H:\HR Stuff\time_management.xls")
Set oWS = oWB.Sheets("Sheet1")

With oWS
    LR = .Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
         .Cells(LR, 1).Value = Now
End With

oWB.Close True

Set xlapp = Nothing
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xlUp is a constant known to VBA, but not to VBScript. You have to define it yourself:

Const xlUp = <Use Excel interactively to get the correct magic Number>*
  • Meaning something like "Debug.Print xlUp"
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