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I'm new to backbone and I'm trying to send and receive data from the server in Json format. It just won't work. Here's my code (BTW, I'm using backbone aura):


define(['sandbox', '../models/message'], function(sandbox, Message) {
'use strict';

var Messages = sandbox.mvc.Collection({
    model: Message,
    url: '/messagelist.php',
    localStorage: new sandbox.data.Store('messages-backbone-require'),
    parse: function(response){
        return response.rows;

return Messages;



define(['sandbox'], function(sandbox) {
'use strict';

var Message = sandbox.mvc.Model({

    defaults: {
        opened: '',
        messageid: '',
        phonenumber: '',
        numbername: '',
        text: ''
    parse: function(data){
        return data;


return Message;


define(['sandbox', '../models/message', 'text!../templates/incoming_messages.html'], function(sandbox, Message, incomingMessagesTemplate) {
'use strict';

var AppView = sandbox.mvc.View({
    widgetTemplate: sandbox.template.parse(incomingMessagesTemplate),

    events: {
        'click .refresh': 'refresh'

    initialize: function() {
        this.collection.bind('createMessageList', this.createMessageList);

    createMessageList: function() {
        // Will work with the received data here

    render: function() {
        var handle = 'h4';
        this.$el.draggable({handle: handle});

    refresh: function() {


return AppView;



define(['sandbox', './views/app', './collections/messages'], function(sandbox, AppView, Messages) {
'use strict';

return function(options) {
    var messages = new Messages();

    new AppView({
        el: sandbox.dom.find(options.element),
        collection: messages

        data: {
            type: 'incoming',
            offset: 0,
            offsetcount: 25
        type: 'GET',
        success: function() {
            console.log(messages.models); // Shows an empty array.

I've check logs and it seems that the ajax request (collection.fetch()) is not firing or is not able to communicate with the server. How can I fix this?

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The problem is with the Backbone.LocalStorage plugin. When you assign Collection.localStorage, the plugin takes over the fetch command and reads the data from local storage instead of the server.

See my answer in this SO question on some options on how to solve this.

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Doesn't the local storage plugin actually take over Backbone.sync rather than fetch? But that's just nit picking. –  mu is too short Jan 10 '13 at 17:13
@muistooshort, yessir, OP's question is about fetch not firing, and without knowing whether he knows how sync works, the most straightforward way of explaining the cause is to cut some corners. The nitty gritty about sync override is explained in the linked answer. –  jevakallio Jan 11 '13 at 7:34

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