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Does regex_search becomes equivalent to regex_match while matching something in a string if my regex pattern has the following form: ^.......$, i.e. if I tell that what is matched should be in start of the string and should end with the end of the string? Or is there any other difference?

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No, they aren't equivalent, because the $ in regex_search will match the line-end and ^ will match line-start. So in a multi-line string the regex_search would still find sub-matches. I guess adding the flags boost::match_not_eol and boost::match_not_bol would create the regex_match behaviour.

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There may also be a difference in performance. regex_search will probably try matching at every position in the string, even if the pattern can only succeed at the beginning. regex_match knows better. – Eric Niebler Jan 11 '13 at 17:35

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