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Hi I am new in Open ERP and i want to update a record in Open ERP using Write Method. The following code for updating is from an example on

* $client = xml-rpc handler
* $relation = name of the relation ex: res.partner
* $attribute = name of the attribute ex:code
* $operator = search term operator ex: ilike, =, !=
* $id = id of the record to be updated
* $data = data to be updated
function write($client,$relation,$attribute,$operator,$data,$id) {
  var $user = 'admin';
  var $password = 'admin';
  var $userId = -1;
  var $dbname = 'db_name';
  var $server_url = 'http://localhost:8069/xmlrpc/';

  $id_val = array();
  $id_val[0] = new xmlrpcval($id, "int");

  if($userId<=0) {

  $msg = new xmlrpcmsg('execute');
  $msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval($dbname, "string"));
  $msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval($userId, "int"));
  $msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval($password, "string"));
  $msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval($relation, "string"));
  $msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval("write", "string"));
  $msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval($id, "array"));
  $msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval($data, "struct"));

  $resp = $client->send($msg);
  $val = $resp->value();
  $record = $val->scalarval();

  return $record;

In above code when i call write function then i have to pass the first parameter for $client is xml-rpc handler. But i am not clear what is xml-rpc handler. Please help me.

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if this is your code, sure you would know what class $client is..? – dualed Jan 10 '13 at 10:14
This is not my code its a example code posted on Open ERP site ( ). Thats why i am not clear with that. @Kumar – Kumar Jan 10 '13 at 10:28
You should be more clearly in your question then: "Following is my Code for Update" – dualed Jan 10 '13 at 10:49
It's probably $sock = new xmlrpc_client($server_url.'common'); $client = $sock; then. The examples are a bit irritating on that page. – dualed Jan 10 '13 at 10:56
i have tried this but its not working. – Kumar Jan 10 '13 at 10:57
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Hi finally i got the solution here is the code:


$arrayVal = array(
'name'=>new xmlrpcval('abc', "string") ,
'city'=>new xmlrpcval('xyz' , "string"),
'phone'=>new xmlrpcval('7894500000' , "string")

$client = new xmlrpc_client("");
$msg = new xmlrpcmsg('execute');
$msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval("test", "string"));//database name
$msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval("1", "int"));//user id
$msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval("pwd", "string"));//password
$msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval("", "string"));//module name
$msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval("write", "string"));//method name
$msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval("1", "int"));//record id that u want to update
$msg->addParam(new xmlrpcval($arrayVal, "struct"));//fileds to update
$resp = $client->send($msg);
if ($resp->faultCode())

echo 'Error: '.$resp->faultString();


echo 'Updated Successfully';

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