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I'm trying to use a webview inside a scrollview on a layout of my Android app. (with a tabhost also, but it's not important)

it's something like this:





The problem is that when i try to load a url made using jquery mobile on my webview, it starts to grow to the infinite with a very huge white space below the web content, and the linearlayout and scrollview start to grow too. Is there someone with any solution?

The solution isn't:

  • Changing any layout parameter like layout_with or layout_height on xml layouts.
  • I have to use a webview inside a scrollview because i have to scroll a lot of other things, so it's not a possibility.
  • I really know that this problem comes only with jquery mobile. I've tried to delete de jquery mobile js file from de web, and it went perfect.
  • Also, I know if I load this url on a webview which is not inside a scrollview, there isn't any problem, so the problem is the combination of scrollview, webview and jquery mobile.

Thanks a lot!!!

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There is plenty of documentation on SO regarding WebViews in ScrollViews. In short, there are hacks that might fix 'your' device and 'your' os but if your app will be released on a wide range of devices and os's do not put a WebView in a ScrollView. I recommend using only a WebView and use javascript and a javascript interface to alter your WebView dynamically.

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