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Consider we are searching a document from MongoDB based on the _id value. Which one of the following code is efficient ?

  1. ModelObj.findById(IdValue).exec(callback);

  2. ModelObj.findOne({ '_id': IdValue}).exec(callback);

I feel ModelObj.findById() is efficient, but what are the supportive reasons or How is it efficient?

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findById is just a convenience function that does exactly the same thing as the findOne call you show.

Here's the source:

Model.findById = function findById (id, fields, options, callback) {
  return this.findOne({ _id: id }, fields, options, callback);
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It is as simple as your answer. Very nice to get this answer.Thank you.. – Amol M Kulkarni Jan 11 '13 at 5:42

Using .findOne makes the database look through its records checking each bson document to find the relevant variable and then check the value, if mongo knows its looking for the internally indexed _id field it doesn't have to look through each document

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As pointed by JohnnyHK, it does the exact same thing under the hood – Adrien Be Dec 22 '15 at 12:16

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