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i found the following bug when using jquery ui tabs ,

when i selected the event as mouse hover and added animation to it

$("#Tab").tabs({ "event":"mouseover",fx:{ opacity: 'toggle' , duration:'slow'}});

when i move the mouse over the tabs quickly , two tab contents remain open at the same time .

this is the bug confirmed , check this

i think the problem is that Jquery UI Tabs is not using hover intent , any solution this problem ?

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Dont hover over them quickly! hehe :)

I think the best solution would be to set a js variable with the last-but-one hovered item, and then after a timeout of idle period, to trigger the mouseout of this "last-but-one" hovered tab, something of say 50 ms. You might be able to play around with the stop() function on the tabs aswell, this might help.

That's a rough idea, but if users are being silly then why should you cater for them! - Will it even happen? :)

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