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We are creating a game and would like to make our players like/subscribe/follow our FB/YT/Twitter pages for which we would give them rewards (in-game coins).

Most games, that i checked, give users the reward as soon as they click the "like" button (even if they later don't actually like the page that is shown).

so i was wondering if it's possible to detect actual likes/subscriptions/follows and only reward users after the confirmation is received?

Is it worth the added trouble at all?

Any info is appreciated!

BR, Rok

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Use completion handlers.

Facebook SDK:

+ (FBRequestConnection*)startWithGraphPath:(NSString*)graphPath

and FBRequestHandler is

typedef void (^FBRequestHandler)(FBRequestConnection *connection, 
                                 id result,
                                 NSError *error);

If error isn't nil, then request obviously did not succeed. You can also check that result has expected values.

iOS6's Social framework (handler block parameters are NSData *responseData, NSHTTPURLResponse *urlResponse, NSError *error):

- (void)performRequestWithHandler:(SLRequestHandler)handler;

iOS5's Twitter framework:

- (void)performRequestWithHandler:(TWRequestHandler)handler;

In Twitter's case you should check status code of the returned NSHTTPURLResponse (200 means "success").

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just figured the twitter part out a while back. Tnx! –  rcresnik Jan 10 '13 at 17:44
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