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Can anyone give me some details on grails -noreloading option?

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i cannot find this option in the documention. which grails version are you using? maybe your mentioned option is the same like teh disable.auto.recompile option (Disables auto-recompilation of Java sources, which can be processor intensive) –  hitty5 Jan 10 '13 at 12:53
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As described in this answer by Burt Beckwith, Grails 2 uses a JVM agent to support reloading of modified files in development mode, in place of the custom classloader used in previous versions. The -noreloading flag is an instruction to the grails command line script telling it not to enable this agent when it starts the JVM, and is a useful sanity check when you see unexplained behaviour (while in most cases the agent approach is a big improvement over the old 1.3 approach I have seen various reports on the mailing list of corner cases that interact badly with the reloading agent).

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