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I would like to merge in a branch 2 a quite long list of revisions from branch 1. This list is contained in a text file, like, say :

… //a long list of revisions here...

Is there an elegant solution, better than doing in my branch2 working copy :

svn merge -c1 -c3 -c78 … -c324 branch1


I know that I shouldn't get to this point, but life is life !

EDIT : the format of the text file can easily change

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I figured a solution with bash :

commande="svn merge http://svn.sfrdev.fr/sfr/applications/bol-entreprise/trunk/"; for line in $(cat ~/listOfRevs); do commande="$commande -c $line"; done;echo $commande;eval $commande

listOfRevs is a file containing all the revision numbers, one per line :

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