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Edit: to answer my own question: when using maven-dependency-plugin 2.6 it works. in 2.6 an useBaseVersion was introduced with which you can control this behavior

I am trying to use the maven-jar-plugin and maven-dependency-plugin to create an runnable "bundle" of my application. It works fine in most cases, but when i have a snapshot in the dependency hierachy, the copy-dependencies goals seems to translate the snapshot-dependencies locket snapshots (snapshots with timestamp)

However, the addClasspath from archiver-plugin does not translate snapshot dependencies, so i have this situation:

in lib, there is foolib-1.0.1-20130108.143522-8.jar but the classpath contains lib/foolib-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

so i can't run the application.

I can't neither find a way to tell the copy-dependencies to not translate SNAPSHOTS nor one to tell the archiver-plugin to translate SNAPSHOTS.

Anyone an Idea how to resolve this?

Thanks and kind regards, Michael

Here is the relevant snipped from the pom.xml:




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You can post your solution as answer and accept it instead of having it the question. –  ArtB Jul 29 '13 at 18:17
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