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i'v look through the documentation but the process is not clear to me. As in windows, my programm's installer is like to do - add it's set-up location to the path environment variable but what would be steps to do so ?? as documentation it would need a variable like this $$ but which isn't working. Can anyone help to understand or to some references ?? Thanks in advance

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Use the "Set System Environment Variable" action.

In "Variable Name" enter PATH. This has to be the environment variable name you want to set, not the current value of that variable, which is what $$ gives you.

In "Set Value To," enter what you want to add to the PATH variable. It could be an expression that includes InstallAnywhere variables (like $USER_INSTALL_DIR$$/$bin which evaluates to either <InstallationDir>\bin on Windows or <InstallationDir>/bin on non-Windows platforms)

Choose whether you want to replace the PATH variable (generally NOT a good idea), or to prepend or append your value to the current PATH variable.

Finally, indicate if this should be for the "Current user" only, or for "All users."

NOTE: $$ may be blank because $<Name>$ resolves the EXACT CASE of the <Name> variable. Use $$ or $$, instead. However, it's always best to use all caps when referring to environment variables. *nix platforms are case sensitive, whereas Windows is not. So, the most compatible form is $$.

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