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i am currently trying to implement authorization with AFNetworking. So i tried to put the access_token inside the HTTP-Authorizationheader. But what arrives at the server is like :

Token token  = "\fdasfjhalsfh4546" 

But it should be just the token-value inside the Header. My Code looks like this :

- (void)setAuthTokenHeader {
    CredentialStore *store = [[CredentialStore alloc] init];
    [self setAuthorizationHeaderWithToken:[store authToken]];

And what [store authToken] returns is just the authtoken itself, so i do not understand why the HTTP-Field-Content looks like this ?

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Ok i found the solution. It seems that Afnetworking appends the token by default to that string :

- (void)setAuthorizationHeaderWithToken:(NSString *)token {
    [self setDefaultHeader:@"Authorization" value:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"Token token=\"%@\"", token]];
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