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I'm developing a gem which should install an executable.

At the moment I have a file at bin/myexec which does the work. I've got the line gem.executables = 'myexec' in my gemspec, and when I build and install the gem I can do bundle exec myexec anywhere and run my code - sweet.

I'm using rbenv, so I expect some slight shenanigans with binaries, but when I install this gem I need to always bundle exec myexec and I can't just myexec. I've poured over other gems (like guard) to see if there's some quirk of the .gemspec which implies that a rbenv binstub should be created, but I can't see anything.

What am I doing wrong?


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If you are using your gem in another project and you installed it using bundler you have to stick with bundle exec myexec. To use your gem system wide you should install it using the gem command and rbenv rehash your environment.

I hope this helps, otherwise it would be nice if you provided some more information how you are using bundler etc.

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I'd totally forgotten about rbenv rehash - perfect, thanks! –  JP. Jan 11 '13 at 10:43

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