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How could I deactivate kerning for my font?

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CSS controls kerning with the letter-spacing attribute. Try setting it to 0 to return the font to it's normal kerning.

p { letter-spacing: 0; }
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CSS not "controls kerning", but if using non-zero letter-spacing the "human kerning perception" is lost. Example: enhance kerning with letter-spacing:-0.1em and lost with letter-spacing:0.5em. –  Peter Krauss May 8 '12 at 12:38
This answer should be deprecated. See below for a better answer. –  Brian Wigginton Sep 19 '12 at 18:46

See the kerning concept at Wikipedia.

Kerning is not controlled by letter-spacing, and there are no font-kerning for CSS1 or CSS2. The new specification, CSS3, has not been approved as a standard (W3C Recommendation), but there are a property proposed for font-kerning, see 2012 draft,


Only specific fonts, like OpenFonts, have this property.

Even with no kerning control, the use of a non-zero letter-spacing can change the "human kerning perception", producing a "deactivate kerning" effect. Example: enhance kerning with letter-spacing:-0.1em and lost with letter-spacing:0.5em.

With CSS1 letter-spacing property you can lost or enhance kerning perception, and into a "letter-spaced text" you can simulate kerning:

<div style="font-size:20pt;background-color:#bcd">

  VAST   <small>(normal)</small> 

  <span style="letter-spacing:-0.1em">VAST</span>  
  <small>(enhance perception)</small>

  <span style="letter-spacing:0.5em">VAST</span> 
  <small>(lost perception)</small>

  <div style="letter-spacing:6pt">
     SIMULATE: <span style="letter-spacing:4pt">VA</span>ST TEXT


See the above example here.

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This answer is the only correct one. letter-spacing does not influence kerning, but the relative distances between the characters (after kerning has been applied). –  Pekka 웃 Nov 1 '10 at 17:42

Use letter-spacing property

    letter-spacing: 10px;
    letter-spacing: 0px;
<div id="div1" class="kern">
    test test test test
<div id="div2" class="nokern">
    test test test test
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I don't know if this is exactly possible, but you could try to look at the letter-spacing property.

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Try text-rendering: optimizeSpeed, this disables kerning at least on my browser.

That is to say, "VA".width == "V".width + "A".width.

letter-spacing does not disable kerning, "VA" is still shorter than "V" + "A".

So, try text-rendering. Though it gets a worse text rendering, it does disable kerning.

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