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I'm currently trying to find out how to set items to be selected on a list in ST2. I've found the following:

l.select(0, true);
l.select(1, true);

which would select the first 2 items on my list. But the data coming from the server is in csv format string with the ids of the items in the list to be selected.

e.g. "4, 10, 15"

So I currently have this code at the moment.

doSetSelectedValues = function(values, scope) {
    var l = scope.getComponent("mylist");
    var toSet = values.split(",");

    // loop through items in list
    // if item in list has 'id' property matching whatever is in the toSet array then select it.

The problem is I can't seem to find a way of iterating over the items in the list and then inspect the "id" property of the item to see if it matches with the item in the array.


Doesn't seem to return an array of items. The list is populated via a store with the "id" & "itemdesc" properties. I just want to be able to select those items from a csv string. I've scoured the Api on this and I can't seem to find a way of iterating over the items in the list and being able to inspect its backing data.

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doSetSelectedValues = function(values, scope) {

    var l = scope.getComponent("mylist"),
        store = l.getStore(),
        toSet = values.split(",");

    Ext.each(toSet, function(id){
        l.select(store.getById(id), true);

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the Ext.List's items are not the items you are looking for. The items under the Ext.List object are those:

Ext.create('Ext.List', {
    fullscreen: true,
    itemTpl: '{title}',
    store: theStore,
    **items: [item1, item2]**

Granted, usually an Ext.List doesn't have items like these. What you are looking for are the Ext.Store items. The Ext.Store items are the exact same items in the same order as presented in the Ext.List. To iterate over those, and select the corresponding items in the list, do the following:

var s = l.getStore();
var itemIndicesToSelect = [];
for (var i = 0 ; i < s.data.items.length ; i++){
    if (arrayContainsValue(toSet, s.data.items[i].data.id)){

for (var i = 0 ; i < itemIndicesToSelect.length ; i++){
     l.selectRange(itemIndicesToSelect[i], itemIndicesToSelect[i], true);

You would have to implement the function arrayContainsValue (one possible solution).

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