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Is it possible to trigger a navigation inside the application not the webbrowser when clicked on a link inside webbrowser control?

For example you can use the following link to open cellular settings page of os.

<a href="ms-settings-cellular:" >Launch Settings</a>

I tried <a href="/MainPage.xaml">Open main page</a> but did not work.

I wonder whether is it possible without writing code or not?


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Relative navigation - no. However, if your application registers a URI scheme, you can leverage that, and have something like myapp:SecondaryPage. Details on the implementation can be found here.

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+1. HTML links can't navigate the RootVisual frame. Register for the WebBrowser.Navigating event and use C# to do the navigation. –  JustinAngel Jan 11 '13 at 0:00

You can also listen for the WebBrowser.ScriptNotify event if you can insert some JavaScript in the page.

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