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Searched the net in and out and could not find proper info on that, we have a legacy setup that uses Delphi 7 and BDE to connect to SQL Server 2005.

Now we are planning to migrate to SQL Server 2012, what are the chances that it might work or not?

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For BDE the chances are reduced to the chances that the new client is backwards compatible with the old client, or the old SQL Client can connect to the new server. Why did you tag this dbExpress? –  jachguate Jan 10 '13 at 13:35
The BDE was deprecated a decade ago, and died in the current version of Delphi (it's no longer being included in the distribution), which means you've had at least a decade to replace it with a more modern driver such as ADO. As it will not work with SQL Server 2012, it appears you're going to have to do that replacement now (with a lot less time to do so) in order to do that migration. –  Ken White Oct 27 at 18:27

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If you are using the SQL Links MSSQL driver then targeting SQL Server 2012 will not be possible. The only way that I have been able to use SQL Links with anything newer than SQL Server 2000 is to keep the database compatibility level set to "SQL Server 2000 (80)". This is not possible in SQL Server 2012. The oldest compatibility level available in this version is "SQL Server 2005 (90)".

SQL Links will send invalid SQL to the server, such as the "*=" syntax for an outer join. Databases set for SQL Server 2005 and above will not accept this syntax.

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We've had success using BDE with SQL Server 2008R2. No special config.

Edit: I'm also having initial success on SQL Server 2014 today. Limited testing, but so far so good!


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The question specifically asks about SQL Server 2012. –  Ken White Oct 27 at 17:22

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